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Remote Operator Services

Remote Operator

Water and Wastewater Services

Engineered With Layton (EWL) is a leader in Arizona as a remote operator. Regardless of facility size or budget EWL provides you with expert advice on water and wastewater solutions. From installation, maintenance and operation through the regulated permitting process we can take care of your complete project and equipment.

EWL Remote Operator Assistance and Support:

  • Experienced water operation oversite for multiple water treatment processes.
    • Disinfection
    • Arsenic
    • Nitrate
    • GAC
    • Blending
    • Perchlorate
    • Fluoride
  • On-site sampling.
    • Bac-T’s
    • TTHM
    • HAA5
    • TCLP
  • On-site record keep and storage.
  • Oversite provide by a grade four operators with 35 plus years of experience in Water Treatment, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Collection.
  • Onsite representation for all agency visit and inspections.
  • Onsite training support for existing staff.
  • Support for process evaluation and effectiveness.
  • Lean on our expertise on regulatory guidelines and environmental standards.
  • Have peace of mind with our track record on safety
Potable water treatment and distribution

When it comes to potable water treatment and distribution you have no reason to turn to anyone other than EWL. We help you minimize your capitals costs, operational expenses and environmental resources. Our regulatory background ensures you meet all regulated water quality guidelines.

We have over 75 years of combined water purification, monitor and control experience, you can be confident that your water is clean, safe and environmentally sound.

Our remote operator services ensure you will always have adequate pressure and a reliable supply of potable water. We provide rapid response to your site which ensures you will avoid any health and safety concerns.

Sewage collection systems

EWL is ready to do your dirty work. Our qualified remote operator team of technicians and specialists can manage your system and will reduce the risk associated with handling dangerous waste. Our services ensure proper handling and disposal of sewage to avoid any spills or other environmental concerns.

The correct waste collection options will keep your project clean and well maintained this includes:

  • Grease traps
  • Storage tanks and piping
  • Lift stations
  • Sewage receiving stations
Sewage treatment plants

EWL can provide you with wastewater solutions for urban or remote projects accommodating the smallest to the largest of systems, employees and contractors.

Our remote monitoring, reporting and process control capabilities allow you to see what is happening at your plant without the cost of a full-time onsite operator.

We have experience dealing with the effluent generated by your system. With our experience we will ensure your effluent meets, and in most cases far surpasses regulatory requirements. This gives you the flexibility of direct discharge and a variety of environmentally sensitive water reuse options, including flush water, equipment washing and irrigation.

Permit administration

Eliminate the confusing, time-consuming and difficult process of obtaining necessary permits and approvals by utilizing our fast, reliable and knowledgeable permit administration staff. With multiple approval levels including municipal, provincial and federal, based on project size and scope the process can take several years. Let EWL handle the stress and paperwork of the permitting and approval process.

EWL has current and experienced staff that can take care of this process or provide guidance to you on stakeholder consultation, community and governmental, including First Nations, private groups and landowners.

EWL combines our commitment to exceptional environmental stewardship with cutting-edge technology that has given us the reputation for quality service with superior value in the regulatory space of the water and wastewater industry. Each permit is both common and unique in its own right and our processes and best practices ensure complete compliance with the terms of each permit. Our high level of focus on sustainable practices assures you of uninterrupted system operand and regulatory compliance.

Certified operations

EWL can handle your project from installation to maintenance, including project management, consulting services, site inspections, plant operations and water testing with our experienced and certified water and wastewater plant operators, project engineers and technical support staff.