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Sanitary Sewer System

Operations and Maintenance Manual
Client Vernadero Group, Inc.
Location U.S. Army Fort Huachuca Sierra Vista, AZ
Scope Of Work Sanitary Sewer System, Field Inspections, Project Managmenet, Data Collection

Project Detail

Engineered With Layton (EWL) served as the Engineer of Record while operating as a sub-contractor for Vernadero Group of Phoenix, AZ.  The project created an operations and maintenance manual for the sewer collection system operated by the U.S. Army Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, AZ.  The Fort collection system included on-post and off-post collection systems for two wastewater treatment systems serving historical and new sections of the base and surrounding community.  The collection system consists of miles of forcemain and gravity sewer, numerous lift stations, air-release valve stations, sand and grease interceptors, and grease only interceptors.

EWL provided skills in field inspections and data collection, project management, industry design oversight, operational understanding, and typical O&M procedures for collection systems, and schedule development for O&M activities necessary for the sewer system at the Fort.