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Prosthetics Building Expansion

Rehab/Prosthetics and Ortho/Neuro/Holistic Medicine Addition
Client Department of Veterans Affairs
Location Salt Lake City, UT
Scope Of Work Energy Conservation, Healthcare Planning, Hospital Project Design, HVAC Design, Facility Electrical, Multi-Phase Facility Design, Design during Facility 1st Phase of Construction, Construction Services
Schedule 2014-2015
Architect Prime Contractor, Project Management & Administration, Civil & Electrical Engineering with Construction Administration

Project Detail

Engineered With Layton (EWL) acted as the Prime A/E for the entire design team in the production of complete construction documents for the $8,968,000 budgeted construction project to build a new second floor expansion to the main rehab wing of the George E. Wahlen Medical Center in Salt Lake City, UT.  The expansion totaled 23,443 SF for the main rehab wing and houses ortho/neuro clinics to accommodate the increased demand on prosthetics and special ortho/neuro/holistic clinics.  The design meets requirements for mid-level LEED Gold Criteria.

The EWL team has addressed the removal and relocation of an existing utility corridor as well as the expansion of utility and mechanical systems needed to make the remodeled space energy efficient by current VA standards.  The second floor design was performed during construction of the first floor and was closely coordinated with the ongoing construction.  Budget issues with the first floor required major portions of that design to be abandoned and required the EWL design to compensate for the shortcomings wit the design of the second floor.

The project showcased EWL’s understanding of the VA’s architectural requirements and also demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the campus systems, utilities, architectural character, and a successful application of specialized healthcare planning and design to ensure continuity and fulfillment of the ever improving Veterans Affairs Medical Centers for higher quality patient experiences.