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Lock Out, Tag Out Study, Report and Training

Client Department of Veterans Affairs
Location Salt Lake City, UT
Scope Of Work Facility Site Investigation, Coordination with Engineering & Maintenance Staff, OSHA Personnel Safety Compliance, VA Facility Staff Training Program
Schedule 2014
Architect Project Management, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

Project Detail

Engineered With Layton (EWL) was the Prime Contractor managing the entire engineering team’s study of the George E. Wahlen Medical Center campus Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) procedures in Salt Lake City, UT.  Following the study, EWL provided a report on how to better comply with OSHA code requirements and VA standards.  The general lock out tag out procedures were written and developed for individual units for electrical, mechanical, and medical equipment.

The study required an inventory analysis of all existing facility equipment (over 20,000 pieces) and a determination of the most critical units, which needed specific site surveys (230 pieces of equipment) including complicated air-handling systems, chilled water pumps, automatic transfer switches, and specialized medical equipment.  EWL compiled the information gathered into a cone-page document that was then attached to the equipment or hung on the wall allowing anyone in the vicinity of the equipment to quickly and easily understand the procedures to minimize the hazards when working on the equipment.  Hazard and warning labels were also affixed on each piece of equipment.  The finished document outlined the appropriate LOTO procedure for each piece of equipment providing efficient and safe instructions so personal injury can be minimized.

The final portion of the project created a comprehensive employee training program.  The program included all training materials and VA employee training for the authorized and affected personnel.  The training was also prepared to provide the VA an in-house solution for training of personnel who need to self-perform training annually and meet OSHA requirements.